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Long Hairstyles


Want a style to accentuate long, healthy hair that reflects your personality? Do you have time to style your hair each morning or do you need a low-maintenance haircut? Is pulling it back in a ponytail important for whatever your day may hold?

Layers, Waves and Angled Ends

Long hair offers a lot of flexibility in terms of style. You can wear it up or down, have it cut in layers and wear it in waves, or go with angled ends and a more straight style. The key is to work with your stylist to come up with the best cut and style for your personality, face shape and lifestyle.

Straightened or Curled

Even if your hair is naturally straight or curly, you have options. Your hair’s thickness and texture may lend itself to certain long hairstyles, but others can also be achieved through curlers, straightening irons, curling irons, and products for enhancing your style.

Ponytails and Braids

For those who are active and on the go, long hairstyles can be quickly pulled up into a ponytail, knot or bun. Braids can also add a different look, whether braided to one side or down your back or to accentuate another style. Braids can also be used in combination with updos for a more sophisticated, sexy look.



Updos can be worn in a more casual style, as simple as a knot or bun. Or, an updo can be more sleek and sophisticated for a romantic night out, a prom or wedding, or a formal party or event. These styles can also be worn in combination with other styles and half updos.

No matter the long hairstyle you’re going for, Rey has the expertise to make you look fabulous. You will walk out of her studio with the style you want and the know-how to maintain it. Set up your free consultation.

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