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Keratin Treatment

Keratin is a natural protein that is already present in your hair. When properly applied by a hair professional, keratin eliminates frizz and makes hair silky and luxuriously smooth.

Healthy, Shiny Hair

A Brazilian Keratin treatment, done by an experienced hair technician, works to infuse your hair with natural keratin — keeping hair healthy and smooth. The treatment locks out moisture to eliminate frizz in even in the highest-humidity weather. And, you can continue to wear your hair straight, curly or wavy.

Easy to Maintain

A keratin treatment can be applied to any type of hair, regardless of texture or if it is colored or chemically treated. Whether you like to wear your hair straight, loosely curled or wavy, you get healthy hair that is easy to maintain and style and that lasts between to 3 to 5 months.

How is It Applied

A keratin hair product is applied and sealed with a hot flat iron. It can take anywhere from an hour and a half to three hours, depending on length and texture. You will see immediate results, but it is important to wait three or four days before shampooing. The keratin protein strengthens your hair for long-lasting shine and resiliency.

Get the Best Hair Results

Only trust your hair to an experienced, hair professional to achieve the results you want. Rey uses formaldehyde-free and less than 4% formaldehyde products that are approved by the FDA for people who want straight hair, and then seals the application with a flat iron at the optimal temperature. You get strong, gorgeous hair — not damaged or brittle strands that can result from a keratin treatment applied on your own or by someone inexperienced.

Contact Rey to set up your free consultation and see how a Brazilian keratin product can give you beautiful, healthy hair that is easy to maintain and style. And with humidity or hot, sticky weather, you can say goodbye to frizz — naturally.


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