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Hair highlights

Go natural looking, change up your personal color and style, or make a strong statement. The possibilities are endless with hair highlights and colors. Combine lowlights and highlights in various, custom-mixed shades and applications to get a look that is uniquely you.

Not Just for Light Colors

When you think of highlights, do you think blonde? If so, that’s not always the case. Blonde highlights are only one of the many options available. You can go light on dark hair or dark on light hair or do a combination of the two. Add some red, chocolate brown or a custom color, and go with lowlights and highlights. Try highlighting larger sections to go with a bold look or smaller sections that blend for a more natural appearance.

Sun-Touched Locks

Even within the blondes, the options are wide open. You can go with a “beach blonde” look or a little darker for a more sophisticated feel. Colors can be subtle or high contrast for a completely different style. And, you can combine hair highlights and lowlights for the perfect, natural sun-kissed look. Color can also vary closer to the roots or ends and can complement and add texture to a haircut and style.

Make a Statement

Go bold with colors or shades, combined with contrasts, to make a statement. Try blonde highlights on dark hair or adding some red to reflect your daring style. Or, try going with highlights on larger sections of hair or some strong color on the ends or framing your face. Pair it with the perfect hair style and cut to complete the look — whether it is long or short, curly, straight, up or down.

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