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Hair Extensions

Have you always wanted long, thick hair, but it seems to have been just beyond your reach? Hair extensions may be the answer to giving you the locks you love. Now, you can have the hair you’ve only dreamed about, the ability to style it however you like, and a look that is completely natural on you.

Long and Lovely

Some associate long, full hair with beauty or glamor, while others just love the virtually unlimited styling options. Since the hair extensions Rey offers her clients are made from actual human hair, you can cut, color and style them just like your own natural hair — only better. Unlike many products, these extensions give you the flexibility to wear your hair up or down and are virtually undetectable by others.

Flexibility and Style

Hair extensions are attached with anchor bands that are flexible and allow small sections of hair to be threaded through them. Because they blend with your own hair, they look natural while adding length, thickness and volume. For best results, tightening should be done every four to six weeks and can coincide with your normal haircut or trimming schedule to maintain the look and style you love.

Length and Volume

Hair extensions can give you longer, fuller hair and help you transform your style. What’s more, the system Rey uses will not damage your hair, and these extensions are comfortable and easy to maintain. There is no glue, tape, thread or fusion systems — your own, natural hair holds the new locks firmly in place. And extensions can be removed and reattached, allowing you increased flexibility.

Contact Rey to talk about the hair extensions and styling options that are right for you. She can tailor a look to reflect your own hair type, personality and lifestyle.

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