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Short and Sassy Ombre

7 May No Comments admin Blog

The Top Three Benefits of a Short and Sassy Ombre When you picture an ombre hair style, what do you see in your mind? Probably long, flowing hair that gradually transitions from a darker shade to a lighter one. Or, in a reverse ombre, hair that transitions from a light

Blazing Ombre

26 Mar No Comments admin Blog, Hair Color

Are You the Right Person for a Blazing Ombre? You are probably familiar with the idea of an ombre hairstyle – one that fades from one color to another as the hair gets longer. A traditional ombre goes from dark to lighter, while a reverse ombre has lighter hair on

Five Great Reasons to Give Hair Extensions a Try

16 Jan No Comments admin Blog

Even if you have never tried hair extensions before, you probably know someone who has – or you have at least considered it for yourself. Hair extensions have many benefits when done properly, and they can give you a great look that you might not have been able to achieve

Three Things to Consider When Picking Bridal Hairstyles

25 Nov No Comments admin Blog

If there already wasn’t enough to think about and plan for your upcoming wedding day, bridal hairstyles are just another piece of the puzzle to add to the list. Not only do you have to worry about the hairstyle that you are going to wear, but you also have your

Finding the Right Hairstyles for Men

20 Nov No Comments admin Blog

In general, men spend less time thinking about their hair than women. While that isn’t always the case, it holds true more often than not. However, that doesn’t mean that men don’t want to look good, with a hairstyle that they are comfortable with and can recreate at home day

Make a Statement – Bold or Subtle – with Your Hair Color

29 Sep No Comments admin Blog

Getting your hair cut and switching to a different style is not the only way to make a change and alter your look. Changing hair color is a popular option these days because it is so easy to switch to a slightly different shade from your natural color – or

Come to the Salon for All the Latest Hairstyles

29 Sep No Comments admin Blog

There is a big difference between going to get your hair cut, and going to a real salon to have it styled. If you are looking to have one of the hairstyles you have seen on TV or in the movies – or just would like to have one that

Get Straightened Out with Keratin Hair Treatments

29 Sep No Comments admin Blog

Countless women wish they had straighter hair, but for many of us, it just doesn’t come naturally. Keratin treatment is a great way to get your hair to be smoother and straighter through some simple applications. Since keratin is a protein that is already naturally found in your hair, keratin

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